Brandnew album FALLEN KINGDOM out on September 30th 2022

PURE STEEL RECORDS is very pleased to announce that UNCHAINED HORIZON will release their new album FALLEN KINGDOM on September 30th, 2022. The pre-order phase will start on September 23rd, 2022 in our webshop.  
Four years have passed since the release of the bands last long player, since the band from Wilhelmshaven was able to further develop their strengths.
More epic, more melodic, more Heavy Metal. The anthem factor has increased, as has the courage not to stop at acoustic or more hard rockin’ parts.
The new songs were recorded at renowned Soundlodge Studio Rhauderfehn (Anvil, Dew Scented) and at Tonmeisterei Oldenburg. Mixing and mastering took place at Audiostahl Studios in Austria.
Due to the stable line-up of the last few years and - despite the pandemic - the live presence of the band, the songs sound compact and as made of one piece.
FALLEN KINGDOM offers classic Heavy Metal of the old (British) school, garnished with subtle epic and a certain dramaturgy. From raising your fist in the air on the driving opener to full body goosebumps in the title track's epic moments. UNCHAINED HORIZON are back and they are stronger than ever.

1. Warriors Speech
2. Stranger
3. Beneath The Ice
4. Lost Words
5. The Marksman
6. Through The Storm
7. Fallen Kingdom
8. Beast Within
9. Bridge To Nowhere

Total Playing Time: 39:27 min

Sascha Heese – vocals, guitars
Andreas Bauer – bass, backing vocals
André Hanzen - guitars
Christian Kriesch – guitars
Arne Meinerts – drums 

Band Contact (interviews / booking):

Andreas Bauer


Time For Metal (9/10)

"Hier paart sich Melodie mit epischen Klängen und gerade in den Longtracks beweisen die Fünf ein glückliches Händchen."

" So schaffen sie es, eine Brücke über 30 Jahre zu bauen und klingen so, wie man sich 80er-Jahre Metal in modernem heutigen Stil vorstellt."

" Die Gitarrenfraktion ist weit vorne und zeigt, was sie draufhat. Natürlich darf dabei die Rhythmusarbeit nicht auf der Strecke bleiben und auch da wird gute Arbeit von
Andreas Bauer am Bass und Arne Meinerts an den Drums geleistet. Zusätzlich hat die Scheibe den abschließenden Mix und das Mastering in den Audiostahl Studios erhalten, was sicherlich einen hohen Anteil am guten Klang des Longplayers haben dürfte."

"They’re great storytellers in the vein of classic bands like Iron Maiden"

" The band is super-tight, apparently they’ve kept the lineup in tact through the pandemic. Lead singer Sascha Heese is amazing.."

" I highly recommend this one, there’s no filler here, it’s epic Classic Power Metal from beginning to end." (80/100)

"FALLEN KINGDOM offers classic HM British inspired, enriched by subtle epic and a certain dramaturgy."

" You can feel it since STRANGER, preceded by an intro; classic HM with some 80’s influences, from
Maiden to Saxon, among others."

" In THROUGH THE STORM they exalt again their epic side, while  FALLEN KINGDOM is maybe the song which remains more impressed.

After BEAST WITHIN, BRIDGE TO NOWHERE ends in the best way a brilliant album that WE SUGGEST!!"

“Stranger, kicks off proceedings hard, with a turn that delivers something addictive."

“Through The Storm, hammers hard. A song that groups together the elements and melodies. 

“Beast Within shimmers and shifts  turning the lurking sense of tide toward something more."